Hello! I’m Sarah. I live in Maine with my wildly talented musician husband, our ever-expanding house cat Charles Kendrick Mugatu Harringerer, and our spotty pit-mix Ringo.

What makes me happiest is over-the-top fashion, pop music, and the spaces where the two collide. I’m passionate about taking risks in life, art, and fashion, and inspiring others to do the same. My biggest, bravest, sparkliest dream is to dress the pop stars who embody living life in a daring, celebratory way – Lady Gaga, Brooke Candy, Beyonce... the list goes on.

Studio SRH came to life in 2014 as a place for me to showcase my artwork. Since then, I've discovered the deeper meaning and drive behind my creative process. Celebration of sparkle and all things joyful, the bravery it takes to be yourself, dressing up as therapy, and pop as worship.

I create custom clothing and art pieces to make you smile, like denim jackets exploding with fabric flowers and embroidered portraits of the artists who inspire me to shake my butt. Pretty, sparkly, sometimes-noisy things that make any grey day brighter. 

Find out how to cop your own Studio SRH piece over on my contact page. I want to make something beautiful with you!


A bit more about Sarah….

I love fairy tales, fairy lights, and feminism.

My muse is the tipsy mermaid that lives inside us all. I believe that, more often than not, she should be the voice in our heads calling the shots.

I am a strong believer in the more is more approach when it comes to both dressing and dancing.

I grew up in Maine, where life really is as good as everyone claims it to be.

I studied fine art  at Goucher College. My junior year, I studied abroad at Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, where my workout routine consisted of wearing heels while grocery shopping for hard cider and pasta. I had to trudge up and over a steep hill both to and from the shop, and believe me when I say it was a hike! I wound up gaining weight (see again: hard cider and pasta), but my calves were amaaaaazing.

I was once ranked #1 in the world at the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app game. I had to delete it from my phone because it was getting in the way of my interactions with other human beings. (Fuck you forever, though, Willow Pape.)

I was obsessed with dressing up, sharpie-ing on, and hair styling Barbies since I was barely bigger than one myself.

Proof for the above statement:

Context: I was playing alone in my room, dressing my Barbies in my very favorite outfits. I arranged the Barbie squad around my sleeping bag, in an order loosely based off of whose dress was the prettiest, and lay down in the center. As soon as I had myself in place, I screamed bloody murder for my parents to come to me, and to bring a camera. My first fashion shoot – complete! Your move, Grace Coddington.

For orders and media inquiries, send me an email at!