Chanel Haute Couture Made Me Cry at Work Today

You know that feeling, like all your hair is being ripped from its follicles and you're also experiencing an unending orgasm, simultaneously?*

That's what watching this video is like for me. It's anguish, and it's complete adoration. That perfect torturous blend of jealousy and desire. And yes, I did just cry at work. 

This is the dream. This is my DREAM.

If my days were spent with these things, let alone making them, I'd never want to go to bed. I'd trade my finally-stabilized (and already dreadful) eyesight for just one year of threading needles and passing them through the ephemera, making magic on fabric.

It's like I just watched my own studio grow and expand and evolve before my eyes. So much is possible. I'm at the tip of the iceberg, and I want to dive deeper.

Does anyone know if Chanel's couturier is hiring? 


*Just me? Okay.