Shaking Off the Nasty Self-Imposed Failed-Blog Guilt Trip

I’m having the hardest time writing a post right now. I’ve got ideas galore, about 5 stalled out starts, and a whole bunch of temporarily-failed-blogger anxiety.

Fuck it, dude. Just fuck it. Fuck guilt and fuck perfection!

It’s been a crazy amazing summer, but all the crazy amazingness has made it harder to focus on my own projects. For now, that’s been fine, but I’m jumping back in. 

This post is basically an ice breaker for myself, so that I can shake off the guilty feeling that comes from not having posted in months, throw those guilty feelings away, and get moving again.

But in addition to being an ice breaker for me, this post should give you something, too! So here are some pictures of a piece I made a little while ago, featuring embroidered portraits of Eminem and Kendrick Lamar, plus a heavily beaded cheerleader and a flower crown for your boobs.



Boom - blog post!

See ya soon ;)