September, Food for Fantasy

September!!! Glorious, gorgeous September! The heat slowly begins to recede and back to school nostalgia takes hold for all us former nerds. Most thrilling to me since my own school days are the magazines. And the magazines! OH! The magazines! The stuff my dreams are made of – thick, heavy, glossy, obscene magazines. 


This year's stack currently clocks in at 4.76 inches high. 

When I was in high school, I'd spend an entire weekend in bed with the September VOGUE. I'd rush through my homework, one eye always on that glistening tome as it beckoned – nay, demanded – my attention. Ten years later, nothing has changed. I savor every chance I get to steal away for ten or twenty or sixty or a hundred minutes to read, gaze, lust, admire, ooh, ah, drool, and be inspired. The thought of reaching the end of the stack gives me even more joy, because that's when the scissors come out and the floor surrounding my desk becomes a catch-all recycling bin of snips and scraps and flyaway subscription cards. I then arrange my paper treasures like I did when I was fourteen, laying out outfits and fantasies and the stories the clothes bring to life in my head. Pinterest can kiss my ass; paper collages and mood boards will always be my king.

(pictures to follow.... I've been away for two weeks and have only managed to make my way through 1.75 inches thus far!)